Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Xmas list

A few people have written and asked "what the fuck is going on with your Xmas list?", easy:
I moved around far too much with Ikea furniture. Ikea furniture that I put together myself. Not exactly a bright idea. In the last move, most of my items were broken or completely lost. My sofa was sawed in half (swear) and I'm still using it, as it wasn't totally broken.. kinda.

At this point I'm investing every extra penny into the renovations of this house I bought. I will never do this again. The appeal of old homes (100 years and so) is just an addiction for me, but like all addictions, it's unhealthy and the outcome kills you. I have replaced several walls in their entire because the plaster is crumbling to bits and there was no insulation. I managed to afford the bathroom getting all new walls, the kitchen has half the walls done and god only knows what is behind those hideous cabinets! A new furnace was put into place as carbon monoxide began leaking and then it quit (it was 45 years old). I've replaced a few windows, the tub, the toilet and the vanity. I still have sub floors in the kitchen as well as the entire mud porch. The person who installed the floors in our bedrooms did such a bad job that it's now ripping! Of course he's no where to be found, so suing him will be pointless. I could go on, but if you've had a gut rehab - you know the hell that goes with it. More so when you're living in it.

I do not have extra money for furniture. It occurred to me that many fans have bought gowns or items that topped 15K at times. But if I post a sofa that I plan to sit my lazy ass on for the next 10-15 years, people don't look at it twice. I'm not sure they look at it once. I made sure everything on my Xmas list this year is something I "need" verses want. If I could include flooring, baseboards (because sadly mine were rotted), dry wall and a dryer (ours broke a year ago and I have not had the funds to replace it, so I'm close lining things STILL), believe me - I would.

I need the things listed. Sure, the boots, perfume and a few very cheap clothing items are my "feel" good stuff, but I rather have the furniture. I'm listing it with hope.

People have also inquired about whether or not that I'm relocating back to Chicago. I am. It won't be till the summer of 2014, (and more on that later) but I am leaving. I will rent this house out, not bother to sell it, but I am returning. I won't be finished with my degree yet, but I have my RN test in March and as long as I pass it, I can be gainfully employed. I will continue on with my education at another UNI in Chicago. My GPA has to be strong for the place I plan to attend, that means I need to buckle down in Spring semester. I have great grades now, but anatomy, bio and psych 2 are coming up - this isn't exactly the cake walk I've had fall semester.

I've included the images of the items for the wish list.
As always you can go here, and see the list.
Amazon wishlist

PS: The bed that doesn't have a price list, is about 450.00 last I checked.
Anything that's "unavailable now" will likely be available again soon. the NARS Andy warhol collection I want terribly. It's limited edition and I love Edie!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Go read my interview on FIXE magazine!

I suppose now is the best time to announce that I'm touring (taking emails - or calls via niteflirt) regarding these things.

I'm also out of retirement for modeling :) Enjoy the read

FIXE magazine interview with me

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Mistress Lily, At Her Service

Before I get into my story, I would like to first say that I am not ashamed of what I like. I know which side I like my bread buttered on. You would think that more people, especially in this day and age, would not have qualms about expressing what really gives them pleasure. Alas, there are still alot of people out there that are scared to speak on what makes them tick. Their pleasure kinks, as I like to call them. So if you are one of those people, then you might want to stop reading this now. Because I am not one of those people to sugar-coat what tittilates me to make someone else feel at ease. So, before you read another sentence, you might want to put this down and switch to more lighter fare. This story is for adults by an adult.

So, where was I?

How did I fall into this world of domination, S&M, and humiliation? It certainly did not happen overnight. Like anything else does, it started with baby steps. Fast forward to ten years later and I definitely know what I want. Between my teen years and now, I of course ventured out and found out what I really liked and did not hesitate to attend fetish parties and find out where the local scene was in my town. I began to learn the lexicon of the fetish world. Words like femdom, humiliatrix, and mistress soon became regular parts of my vocabulary as I met more and more people in the scene. By my mid-twenties, I knew exactly what it was that made me tick and I had finally narrowed down my search to a few mistresses that possessed all of the qualities I required in a dominatrix.

How I initially went about my search was not the most traditional of ways, I must admit. In the beginning, I thought I could simply find a dominatrix,

I have a few memorable sessions that I remember already.

On our first encounter, Mistress Lily gave me specific instructions from the first day on how I must serve her. Any veering from her rules and I could expect a severe beating with her thick hand paddle.
“Say my name!”, she smiled at me, a sinister twinkle in her eye.

“Yes, Lily”, I replied, bowing in her presence.

“Yes Lily, what?!”, she shouted back at me, and before I knew it, she had a collar around my neck, and she was putting my face deep into her crotch. While I writhed in pain, she stood in front of me spitting out commands at me. She made me look her in the eyes and told me to call out her name every few minutes. Eventually, she deemed me fit to move on.

“What’s the safe word, slave?!”, she barked at me. Before I could say it, she put her hand to my mouth, effectively muzzling me.

“There’s no need for you to use it...yet! There will be other sessions for that.”

Of course, after such an intense session, I had to see her again, but I had another secret fantasy. I requested webcam domination. This was an area i had yet to delve into, but I knew Mistress Lily could take me there. Like I assumed and expected, Mistress Lily had experience and from the very first moment, called the shots, sending me a message promptly at eight in the evening and demanding that I log on. She didn’t waste any time.

“Where are your toys, slave?”, she hissed at me as she loomed large from her side of the camera. In reality, she was petite with an hour glass figure, but her demeanor made her seem larger than life to me. I quickly obeyed her every command. This session involved a series of dildos that I was not sure I would be able to force into my hole. But Mistress Lily would not take no for an answer. After commanding me to lube up my hole with Crisco, she eventually coaxed me into getting the first in the series of dildos in.

“Good boy”, she congratulated me. “Now, turn around, ass to the camera and let me see for myself how good a boy you are!” I turned around slowly.

“Faster!”, she yellowed over her microphone. “Good, now bend over and spread your ass cheeks. Mistress Lily demands it!” I obeyed.

“Now, on to the next dildo”, she cackled.

During one of the attempts, I screamed too loud from the pain and she made me pay.

No crying. Crying is for weak men and children!” I had never been simultaneously in such pain and pleasure in my life. I still find it hard to completely describe in depth the feeling.

Of course, I was thirsty for more.
For our next session, I was given an address by my mistress that ended up being her personal dungeon downtown. As soon as I stepped in, there were instructions for me on a seat where a laptop was lain out.

You thought you were going to see me in person today? Think again, pig! Turn on this laptop and the camera, get undressed, and await my instructions from above. Welcome to my lair.

-Mistress Lily

I quickly and excitedly undressed in her dark, damp space of a room. Once I was completely naked, I turned on the camera and linked in. There she was, sitting in front of the camera, looking straight into my eyes.

“Look to your left behind the door and you will see what you will be wearing for our session. You will like the color. Go and get them and return to the camera and put them on in front of me. Hurry!”

I walked over to the door and found waiting for me a cherry red thong. I returned to the camera and Mistress Lily and slowly, yet seductively put on the thong.

“You don’t have to tell me”, she began, peering at me through the screen. “I know you like them. You’re an ass out kind of guy. Don’t deny it. And even if you do not, I don’t care. Right now, I am judge, jury...and hard core executioner. Now, turn to your right and there is a bucket waiting for you. Go get it.”

I went over to the other side of the room and grabbed a pale filled with fluid.

“It’s my piss. I’ve been saving it for the last two days. Now place it in front of you, get on your knees, and drink it...with pleasure!”

I found out that hard way I was into watersports.

“Drink it, pig!”, she yelled at me, shouting at me to down the bucket of light yellow pee. I knew that if I complained I would have to pay for it, so I did as I was told like a good little slave and drank the piss in front of me. After I drank it all, Mistress Lily winked at me and cooed.

“Very good slave. Very good.”

I’ve been hooked ever since.